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Mix Master Final Force

Mix Master Final Force
  • Summary:

    Watch Mix Master Final Force (2010 – 2011) full episodes online cartoons.
    Synopsis: Changed by the powerful Seal of Pachi, young Ditt now lives a normal, even dull life. Forgetting his past as a Mix Master, all that he wants is to be liked at school and have cool friends. He is just not into anything that required any efforts, be it studies or fighting. Yet he has a big, warm heart. He is less lazy then he is in Mix Master King of Cards. He is the legendary mix master. In the beginning of the series, he claims that he could not be the mix master and that if he were added to the team, it would be come the “F” team, wheres if he was not in the team, it would become the “A” team.
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  • Genres: ActionAdventureComedy
  • Year: 20102011
  • Status: Completed

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